Airport Parking

 Airport parking is available at the following rates:

  • JMD$ 150 for the first hour or portion thereof
  • An additional JMD$ 150 for the second hour or portion thereof
  • An additional JMD$ 150 for the third hour or portion thereof
  • JMD$ 600 for parking in excess of three hours and up to a maximum of 24 hours and an additional J$ 600 for every 24-hour period thereafter or part thereof.



Forms of Payment

  • Cash
  • Credit cards (Visa and Master Cards) 
  • Debit Cards


SIA Quick-Pay Parking Stations

SIA quick-pay parking stations allow passengers and visitors to pre-pay for parking before reaching the parking exit lane. Upon entering the public car park the passengers or visitors will take a ticket from the parking ticket terminal.  After parking, customers need to take their parking ticket and then use a self-service station to pay when ready to leave the parking lot. There are three(3) pay stations one at arrival, one at departure, and one in the public car park. When customers get to the airport exit lane, they will insert the pre-paid ticket into the reader and be allowed to exit within seconds. 



How do I exit if my ticket is lost or damaged?
Proceed to the parking toll collector (located at the exit of the parking lot) with car documents for assistance. Lost tickets attract a fee of six hundred dollars ($600). 
How do I exit if the pay station is not functioning i.e. out of service, not accepting payment, or scanning my ticket? 
Proceed to the parking exit and pay the toll collector upon exit.    
What do I do if the machine is out of change?
Take the receipt from the pay station after making payment and proceed to the booth by the exit, the parking toll collector will assist. 
Can I reserve a parking spot?
We do not currently offer reserved parking. 
Where can I park overnight?
Overnight parking is available in both the main parking lot and parking lot #2 upon availability. 
For more information, please call 876-952-3124 Ext. 2822/2948/2947.