Team Sangster 5/10k Charity Run/Walk Grant Guidelines

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As MBJ Airports Limited (MBJ) continues to strategically position the Sangster International Airport (SIA) through transformational investments in infrastructure, improved processes and modern technology we believe it is equally important to invest in the human capabilities and future talents within our communities. Sangster International Airport can only become the leading tourist destination airport if we invest in specific outcomes for our people. At MBJ, we thrive only when our communities and our people thrive. MBJ therefore invites applications for the following grants that are supported by partner funding through the Team Sangster 5/10K Charity Run.


MBJ Academic & Inclusivity Grants Guidelines


1. MBJ Inclusivity Grant

The MBJ Inclusivity Grant seeks to support programs/projects being implemented by registered local organizations that target the growth and development of community members who have a disability. Applicants will be required to clearly outline the intended social impact of their proposed program/or project on individuals with disabilities.


  • The MBJ Inclusivity Grant awards will be disbursed based on our committee’s evaluation of the multiplier impact of project proposals using only the information submitted on the application form or documents appended therein.
  • The Inclusivity Grant can only be accessed by community based organizations (not-for-profit groups and social enterprises) operating a project within St. James that support persons with disabilities;
  • Administrative expenses should not exceed 10% of the proposed project’s total budget;
  • Individual applications will not be considered; and
  • If your organisation is not registered with the Companies Office of Jamaica, we encourage you to submit proof of registration with the Council for Voluntary Social Services, RADA, SDC, the Ministry of Education and Youth or other recognised agencies and organisations.


2. Team Sangster Academic Grant

Our Team Sangster community remains the heartbeat of our operations at SIA. We recognize the need to specifically invest in our airport community members by demonstrating the value of their impact on SIA’s operation and reputation as the Caribbean’s Leading Airport. The Team Sangster Academic Grant will be focused on funding the education of current SIA staff or the children of our Team Sangster community, therefore, only SIA employees or their dependents will be eligible to apply.


  • The Team Sangster Academic Grant is open to individuals employed by a partner entity operating at the SIA OR their immediate family members;
  • A Team Sangster Academic Grant recipient will be within the age range of 4 – 25 yrs;
  • Team Sangster Academic Grant employees will be required to submit a job letter, copy of airport-issued Restricted Area Pass (RAP), and proof of enrolment for themselves or their child as the case may be, at a local public educational institution (Early Childhood/Primary/Secondary/Tertiary/Vocational Technical);
  • Verification of enrolment must be submitted in the form of an acceptance letter or the most recent progress report.
  • Children of SIA employees submitting an application for an academic grant for their child will be require to provide proof of relation (Birth Certificate/Certificate of adoption); and
  • Individuals pursuing a graduate degree (Masters/Doctorate) will not be eligible for consideration.


3. MBJ Community Grant

As part of its governance framework, MBJ prioritises its role as a responsible corporate citizen seeking to effect policies that promote social cohesion.MBJ reaffirms its long-term commitment to the sustainable development of the communities and families we serve while increasing youth access to quality education.The MBJ Community Grant intends to support the education of individuals living within low-income communities currently enrolled at all levels of the education system. The aim of the Community-focused grant is to provide assistance to children and young adults who reside in St. James.


  • Grant recipients must reside in the parish of St James.
  • Proof of address in the form of a utility bill or National ID.
  • The grant will be disbursed based on an evaluation of financial needs.
  • An MBJ Community Grant recipient will be within the age range of 4 – 25 yrs.
  • Recipients must be currently enrolled in a local educational institution.
  • Applicants pursuing a graduate program (Master's/Doctorate) will not be considered.
  • Grant recipients enrolled at the upper secondary (Grades 10-13) and tertiary level must be able to demonstrate their active engagement in their school or wider community by submitting a personal statement.
  • Your personal statement must explain your understanding of your role and responsibilities as a 21st-century learner who intends to impact their social space through Collaboration, Critical thinking, Communication and Creativity/innovation.