Airport Construction & Development

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April 2003 marked the beginning of a new era in the development and progress of the airport. This period saw the Government of Jamaica granting MBJ Airports Limited a 30-year concession agreement to operate and manage Sangster International Airport. 

The consortium of companies that formed MBJ Airports Limited at the time of privatisation:  YVR Airport Services (Canada), Agunsa (Chile), Ashtrom (Israel) and Dragados (Spain).

MBJ Airports limited’s mandate when the concessionary agreement was signed was to  demonstrate leadership in implementing safe, friendly, clean, efficient and profitable programs to develop and operate Montego Bay’s airport in a manner which reflects Jamaican culture and philosophy. To date the company has lived true to this mandate.

Shares in MBJ Airports Limited were transferred to two key principals:

DESARROLLO de CONCESIONES AEROPORTUARIAS, S.L., (DCA) is a holding company, which operates airports through its subsidiaries. DCA has 74.5% of MBJ’s shareholding and is 100% owned and controlled by Grupo Aeroportuario Del Pacífico, S.A.B. de C.V or "GAP". GAP operates 12 airports in the Pacific region of Mexico, which includes:

  • Guadalajara and Tijuana serving the main metropolitan areas.
  • Mexicali, Hermosillo, Los Mochis, Aguascalientes, Guanajuato and Morelia, serving médium-size cities.
  • La Paz, Los Cabos, Puerto Vallarta and Manzanillo, serving main tourist destinations.

GAP is traded on the Mexican and New York stock Exchanges. 

VANTAGE AIRPORT GROUP (formerly, Vancouver Airport Services [YVRAS]) — Manages and develops a global network of airports. Vantage Airport Group is ranked among the world’s premier airport operators and provides a full range of management and investment services to their clients.  Vantage Airport Group’s shareholding in MBJ is valued at 25.5%.

Construction Phases

Phase 1A (COMPLETED March 2004)  

  • Installation of six Boarding Bridges at gates 1-6
  • Expansion of Ground Transportation Hall
  • Expansion of Customs Hall and Baggage Claim Area
  • Installation of CCTV, controlled security access
  • Installation of intercom system
  • Installation of internal elevator to service vertical movement needs within existing building.

Phase 1B (COMPLETED December 2005)

  • Construction of hold room concourse to east of terminal
  • Construction of new aircraft parking position and supporting taxiway
  • Extension of fuel hydrant
  • Extension of public address system and computer security system.

Phase 2 (COMPLETED February 2009)

  • Construction of the Arrivals Hall extension to the South Concourse
  • Renovation of the existing Customs Hall into a new Immigration Hall  
  • Construction of the Landside Pavilion structure
  • Renovation of the West Concourse in the existing terminal 
  • Renovation and expansion of the check-in hall. 

Overall results of construction upgrades:

  • An Air Terminal Building that has more than doubled in size to over 47,000 square feet
  • 12 additional loading bridges and gates — bringing the total to 18
  • A 46% increase in apron area; this represents an increase in parking positions of 20%  
  • Customer Service improvements:
    • Expanded Arrival and Customs Halls  
    • Larger Baggage Claim area
    • Over 750 parking spaces
    • New ground transportation facilities
    • More retail space and a greater selection of shops (14 Food and Beverage, 9 Duty Free and 24 Specialty retail outlets)
    • More check-in counters (100).