Airport Facts & Statistics

  • Sangster International Airport (SIA) is the largest of two international airports in Jamaica, and is ideally located in the heart of the primary tourism destination region.
  • Approximately 95% of total passengers at SIA are passengers travelling internationally.
  • Of the approximately 1.7 million annual visitors to Jamaica, 72% use SIA as their primary airport.
  • Peak arriving and departing capacity is 4,200 passengers per hour.

Runway Information

The Sangster International Airport has one runway strip (07/25) with an overall length of 2653M and a width of 46M.  The runway surface type is asphalt concrete and is capable of accommodating an aircraft sized B747.

An Instrument Landing System (ILS) is fitted on the primary approach (07), which also has a lighting system to accommodate night operations.

Runway Strip - 07/25
2,653M x 46M

Runway Lighting
MBJ is equipped in accordance with ICAO Annex 14 standards

Peak Operating Hours

Navigational Aids
ILS equipped (07)
109.500 MHz


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