Flight Arrivals

Airline Flight # Arriving From Sched Time Status
B62027 Ft. Lauderdale 08:42:00 AM On-Time
UA2126 Newark 11:20:00 AM On-Time
AA840 Charlotte 11:24:00 AM On-Time
WN918 Baltimore 11:25:00 AM On-Time
B6479 New York - JFK 11:28:00 AM On-Time
DL1860 Atlanta 11:35:00 AM On-Time
AA2446 Miami 11:36:00 AM On-Time
WN272 Orlando 11:55:00 AM On-Time
WN906 Baltimore 12:55:00 PM On-Time
DL1801 Atlanta 01:00:00 PM On-Time
AA860 Philadelphia 01:28:00 PM On-Time
AA875 Charlotte 01:47:00 PM On-Time
NK833 Ft. Lauderdale 02:13:00 PM On-Time
B61679 New York - JFK 05:24:00 PM On-Time

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