Community Engagement and Development

Sangster International Airport is located within and serves a vibrant community.  It is also one of the first points of welcome for people visiting Jamaica. The airport's operation can negatively or positively affect the neighboring communities.  As such, MBJ Airports Limited (MBJ) strives to openly communicate with the surrounding communities by developing and implementing community relations programmes along with maintaining a relationship with the Montego Bay Marine Park Trust and by conducting environmental education programmes in High schools and Primary/All-age schools.


MBJ Airports Limited Awards Over 180 Students With Scholarships at Team Sangster Charity Run/Walk Grant Award Ceremony 

Montego Bay – November 3, 2023: Approximately 180 students are set to benefit from academic grants after Monday’s staging of the Team Sangster Charity Run/Walk Grants handover ceremony held by MBJ Airports Limited (MBJ), operator of the Sangster International Airport (SIA).  The ceremony, which was hosted on the grounds of SIA, saw students from across western Jamaica proudly clad in uniforms feted to an inspirational evening of activities and entertainment. The recipients ranged from the primary education level to those pursuing tertiary studies in both local and international universities.  Through their many sponsors, MBJ Airports Limited was able to raise $11 million during the third staging of the annual MBJ Team Sangster Charity Run/Walk, held on September 11. This is a remarkable increase from the $4.5 million raised in 2022 when 50 students were direct recipients of academic grants. An impressive 87 individuals and four community groups consisting of 90 youths are beneficiaries of this year’s grants.  

Team Sangster Charity Run/Walk Grant Award Ceremony Highlights




A team from MBJ Airports Limited recently joined the Whitehouse Community Development Club for their Recreational Shoreline Fishing Tournament, an initiative for children of the community, and donated $300,000.00 in book vouchers to 60 students. In addition, the solar power panel which was installed by MBJ at the Victory Whitehouse Early Childhood Centre by MBJ earlier in the year was officially handed over.  

Mrs. Shanelle Harwood-McTavish, Secretary, on behalf of the President of the Whitehouse Community Development Club, Ms. Tisa Anderson, underscored the importance of MBJ’s involvement in the community’s development. She stated, “The community of Whitehouse and parents are extremely grateful for the continued support from MBJ Airports Limited. Partnerships like these are critical to the empowerment of our children and by extension the development of our country”.   Principal of the Victory Whitehouse Early Childhood Centre, Ann Blake-Reid expressed her gratitude for the solar panel as the school was without electricity and thanked MBJ for their continued support. Each year, one of MBJ’s Labour Day projects includes providing upgrade works at the school.  In addition to the support given to the Whitehouse community, MBJ’s 2023 Summer Employment program also benefited 40 students from various parishes. Students were actively engaged in gaining critical industry experience and personal development through working across various departments at MBJ.



Victory Whitehouse ECC Labour Day Project in partnership with Club Mobay.

We have been involved with the Whitehouse Community for a number of years, and we believe the community has to be viable for the airport to be as well.
Here are some highlights!





MBJ provided support to the community in a time of dire need brought on by the pandemic.

 MBJ donates $3Million worth of Equipment to Hospital

MBJ Airports Limited donated 10 hospital beds and infusion pumps to Cornwall Regional Hospital (CRH) to expand the number of patients the facility can accommodate. Senior Medical Officer at the CRH, Dr. Derek Harvey, welcomed the donation, noting that the beds are needed and came at the ideal time.


Whitehouse Community

The community of White House borders the northeast boundary of the Sangster International airport. It is a low-income community with significant dependence on tourism and fishing.  Since 2019 MBJ Airports Limited has been working closely with the community with the intention of providing support that would enhance its socio-economic profile.

One critical benefit derived from our relationship with the community has been the informal arrangement between our ERS team and the skilled fishermen in the community who form a critical pillar of our Emergency Response Plan in the event of a marine incident.

Change for Children

Over the past three years, MBJ has focused resource assistance on the Whitehouse community, via structural improvements to its Early Childhood Centre - Victory Whitehouse Early Childhood Centre. Through its Change for Children initiative, MBJ continued to positively impact the community within which it operates in the past year.  Works completed by MBJ which was integral for the re-opening of the school during the COVID-pandemic includes: 

  • Completed the construction of an “adults-only” restroom separated from the units used by the toddlers.
  • Total refurbishing of restrooms used by toddlers. The works included a change of fixtures, tiling, and replacing doors.
  • Donated fencing and other construction material for the perimeter barrier and additional refurbishing work to be completed.
  • Donated hand-wash sinks for the kitchen.

MBJ's support to the early childhood center has reaped the following benefits:

  • Jamaica Fire Brigade has certified the building as fit and safe for its purpose.
  • The school has received an 85% score from the Min of Health and is now required to effect only two changes for full certification that would allow them to facilitate face-to-face classes.
  • The institution has met several minimum standards which moves it closer to full ECC registration. Caregivers at the school are now eligible for a government stipend paid at this level. The first payment was made in April 2021.

Donations to Flanker All Age School

The community of Flankers is in close proximity to Sangster International airport. Similar to the Whitehouse community, it is a low-income community with significant dependence on tourism with a large amount of staff residing in the community.  MBJ Airports Limited has been working with the community on an Adhoc basis with the most recent support being the contribution of a printer. 

A coloured printer with supplies was donated to the Flanker All-Age School which is located in close proximity to the airport. 


Team Sangster 5K Run/Walk Bahamas Relief  Fundraiser

The inaugural Team Sangster 5K Run/Walk hosted by MBJ Airports Limited, operator of the Sangster International Airport (SIA), raised USD 19,000 for charity on Saturday, November 30, 2019. The chip-timed race, coordinated by Running Events Jamaica, took over 500 participants on a little-known part of the airport that provides unhindered views of the apron, then out to the Elegant Corridor and back.  The initiative will see USD 15,000 donated to hurricane relief for The Abaco Islands in the Bahamas and USD 4,000 towards upgrades at the Victory Whitehouse Early Childhood Centre, an MBJ community outreach project.

Patrons were treated to an exciting post-run programme, which included the announcement of the winner for the airport’s Talent Showcase competition and complimentary breakfast catered by airport partners, Express Catering, GCG Catering and VIP Attractions. The 5K run/walk was staged in partnership with Airports Authority of Jamaica; Hospiten; GCG Ground Services; Dufry; Club Mobay; Avis; Bhavela Jamaica; Communicase; Global Exchange; Interspace – Clear Channel; MBJ Concessionaires’ Association; and Passport, Immigration and Citizenship Agency (PICA).

The 5K also launched the airport’s Safety Week, a series of events from December 2 – 7, to educate stakeholders and the public on MBJ Airport Limited’s commitment to a culture of safety at the airport.




International Coastal Clean-up Day

Kent Avenue Beach - Saturday, September 21, 2019.



 MBJ in conjunction with the Montego Bay Marine Park participated in a beach clean-up activity 



Earth Day, April 22, 2009 – MBJ in collaboration with the Montego Bay Marine Park (MBMP), Urban Development Corporation (UDC), Sandals hotel and some schools conducted a beach clean-up and tree planting exercise at the Fisherman's beach, River Bay Road, Montego Bay



MBJ's Environmental Presentation to The Rotary Club of Montego Bay 



MBJ's Environmental Presentation to Schools

Bethel Primary and Junior High, Hopewell, Hanover










Montego Bay High











Mt. Alvernia High