Airport Employee Recognition Nomination Form

MBJ Airport Employee Recognition Program is an airport-wide effort that rewards and recognizes outstanding employees across different sectors of the airport community, who have made positive impacts on customers' experience throughout the year.

Managers and/or supervisors are encouraged to nominate their employees who demonstrate at least three (3) or more of MBJ's Community Values - Service Excellence, Safety First, Equity & Fairness, Innovation, Environmental and Social Responsibility, Professionalism & Accountability, Teamwork, and Passion.

Take a moment to recognize the employee by sharing their story and completing the form below.

Please contact the Customer Service Department at cxawards@mbjairport.com or 876-552-5533 and 876-564-8697 if you have any questions.

Award Categories

Impression-makers: This award recognizes front-line customer-facing employees, including airlines, ground handlers, security agents, concessions staff, Club MoBay, government agencies, health professionals, Cambio, red-cap, ground transportation, and other representatives providing service through direct contact with customers.

Unsung Heroes: This award highlights employees who don’t typically get the spotlight. While they don’t directly interact with customers, their integrity, courage, and effectiveness have a major impact on the passenger experience. This includes baggage handlers, ramp workers, maintenance personnel, janitorial attendants and others working 'behind the scenes' each day.

Safe & Sound: This recognizes employees who protect the security and safety of passengers through proactive communication, exemplary teamwork, courage, and effective action, including security agents, ramp workers, maintenance personnel, customs, and police.

Caring Support: This award recognizes those who provide special care and services to seniors, families with young children, disabled passengers, and others with special needs. These employees make sure travel is smooth, easy, and enjoyable. This includes wheelchair attendants, police, security, and immigration assistants.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: This award recognizes collaboration and teamwork across organizations that result in strong service delivery and positive experiences for our passengers. Ground Handling Companies, Food and Beverage, Government Agencies, Airlines, Security Companies, destination management companies, hotel lounges, Club MoBay, and Tour Operators.
MBJ Choice Award - This award recognizes employees throughout MBJ who have consistently demonstrated positive attitudes towards service delivery and experience with the airport community. (Only MBJ stakeholders can nominate)

Voice of the Customer Award - This award recognizes employees who were commended by passengers for positively impacting their journey through the airport

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