Consumer Survey


What is your final destination?
Are you connecting ? If yes, what gateway?
How often do yo travel to/from Jamaica?
What was the purpose of your trip?
What type of accommodation did you have?
Before coming to the airport, were you aware of the shopping offered at the airport?
Did you make a purchase at the airport?
If a purchase was made at the airport, what did you buy?
How much did you spend in the airport in total?
If no purchase was made, what was the main reason?

Did you purchase souvenirs or duty free items prior to arriving at the airport? If yes, why?
What product/service would you have bought, at the airport, had you seen it?
Would you be willing to order from stores at the airport using tablets installed at our gates?
Would you subscribe to our mailing list to receive promotional offers while travelling?
What can we do to improve your experience departing MBJ?