Environmental Efforts

Surface/Ground Water Quality
This programme aims to protect the Montego Bay Marine Park and the ocean from airport activities that could cause the contamination of surface and ground water.  Best management practices and economically viable procedures are used to identify and manage activities that may lead to pollution of surface and ground water.  Routine surface water and groundwater sampling and analysis, reporting, communication and education are a part of the programme.

Fuel/Hazardous Materials
The goal of this programme is to enable us to adhere to and exceed regulatory requirements for the life cycle management (purchasing, storage, waste reduction and disposal) and safe handling of hazardous materials while preventing and preparing for possible spills that can cause contamination of surface and ground water.  The programme also comprises a spill prevention, control and counter-measures plan.

Contaminated Sites
This programme enables MBJ Airports Limited and its licensees/concessionaires in conjunction with all regulatory bodies e.g., National Environment  and Planning Agency (NEPA), to manage contaminated sites (e.g., former fuel storage site) at Sangster International Airport (SIA) and reduce any potential risks for further contamination.  A continuous monitoring system (visual inspections, water and soil sampling and analysis, etc.) is in place in order to achieve the goals of this programme.

Solid and Liquid Waste Management
This programme is designed to promote efficient waste disposal at the airport and to reduce the amount of garbage that goes to the landfill.  Aircraft liquid effluent and sewage are disposed of at the National Water Commission (NWC) Municipal Treatment Plant via a dump/pump station at SIA, while solid waste is either disposed of by incineration or taken to the landfill.

Air Quality
The air quality programme addresses activities that impact local, regional and global air quality through the production of pollutants, greenhouse gases or ozone depleting substances.  We encourage the use of alternative fuels and are presently carrying out a greenhouse gas emissions inventory at the airport.

Wildlife Management
The aim of this programme is to protect environmentally sensitive areas (e.g., Montego Bay Marine Park) on, and adjacent to SIA, from impacts of airport operations.  Most importantly, the programme also ensures that airport operations can be carried out safely by, for instance, preventing bird strikes (aircrafts in flight hitting birds) which can result in loss of life and property.

Aeronautical Noise
The aeronautical noise management programme serves to reduce the level of disturbance to those living in communities in the vicinity of the airport while recognising the need for continued airport operations.  Currently, a curfew between the hours 12:00 midnight and 6:00 a.m. is in place as a means of reducing and/or eliminating aircraft noise nuisances.

Construction Management
This programme aims at integrating environmental requirements into the design, construction and operation of new projects.  MBJ Airports Limited achieves these goals by assessing the environmental impacts of all new projects, implementing mitigation as identified in the impact assessment and monitoring construction to ensure mitigation is implemented as planned.  The programme also ensures that construction waste is disposed of properly and that the environment is not polluted while construction is ongoing.

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