Flight Arrivals

Airline Flight # Arriving From Sched Time Status
JY600 Kingston 07:35:00 AM On-Time
BW10 New York 08:25:00 AM On-Time
US9190 Charlotte 08:50:00 AM On-Time
B6479 New York 09:40:00 AM On-Time
US843 Charlotte 10:05:00 AM On-Time
SWG410 Toronto 10:25:00 AM On-Time
DL317 Atlanta 10:59:00 AM On-Time
DL464 New York 11:09:00 AM Delayed to
02:35:00 PM
US840 Charlotte 11:34:00 AM On-Time
BW30 Fort Lauderdale 11:40:00 AM On-Time
WS2700 Toronto 11:48:00 AM On-Time
AA1397 Miami 11:55:00 AM On-Time
DL727 Atlanta 12:36:00 PM On-Time
WN272 Orlando 12:40:00 PM On-Time
US860 Philadelphia 12:51:00 PM On-Time
WN918 Baltimore 01:00:00 PM On-Time
B62315 Fort Lauderdale 01:17:00 PM On-Time
WS2702 Toronto 01:18:00 PM Early at
01:15:00 PM
US826 Charlotte 01:24:00 PM On-Time
AA1043 Miami 01:40:00 PM On-Time
AC1804 Toronto 01:45:00 PM On-Time
DL361 Atlanta 01:58:00 PM On-Time
B61721 Orlando 02:33:00 PM On-Time
WN1056 Atlanta 02:40:00 PM On-Time
B6779 New York 04:56:00 PM On-Time
JY604 Kingston 05:05:00 PM On-Time
BW111 Kingston 05:40:00 PM On-Time
WHT WHT2573 Lisbon 06:10:00 PM On-Time

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