Flight Arrivals

Airline Flight # Arriving From Sched Time Status
B62427 Fort Lauderdale 06:47:00 AM On-Time
B6779 New York 08:41:00 AM On-Time
WN1112 Fort Lauderdale 09:55:00 AM On-Time
BW10 New York 10:00:00 AM On-Time
AA1711 Charlotte 10:04:00 AM On-Time
WQ WQ462 St Louis 10:30:00 AM Delayed to
11:20:00 AM
AA857 Philadelphia 10:36:00 AM On-Time
DL317 Atlanta 10:55:00 AM On-Time
BW30 Fort Lauderdale 11:25:00 AM On-Time
CM146 Panama City 11:28:00 AM On-Time
AA840 Charlotte 11:30:00 AM On-Time
WN272 Orlando 11:35:00 AM On-Time
UA1627 Newark 11:45:00 AM On-Time
WN906 Baltimore 11:55:00 AM On-Time
AA1501 Miami 11:55:00 AM On-Time
B61127 Fort Lauderdale 12:01:00 PM On-Time
WS2702 Toronto 12:02:00 PM On-Time
DL727 Atlanta 12:20:00 PM On-Time
DL441 New York 12:22:00 PM On-Time
TOM TOM854 Birmingham 12:35:00 PM On-Time
NK453 Baltimore 12:46:00 PM On-Time
AA860 Philadelphia 12:50:00 PM On-Time
WN1042 Chicago 12:55:00 PM On-Time
KG KG6080 Havana 01:00:00 PM On-Time
AA2446 Miami 01:08:00 PM On-Time
AA875 Charlotte 01:30:00 PM On-Time
WN1115 Houston 02:00:00 PM On-Time
DL361 Atlanta 02:03:00 PM On-Time
NK833 Fort Lauderdale 02:10:00 PM On-Time
WN918 Baltimore 02:25:00 PM On-Time
B61721 Orlando 02:28:00 PM On-Time
B6479 New York 02:47:00 PM On-Time
WN583 Fort Lauderdale 03:00:00 PM On-Time
WS2660 Toronto 03:01:00 PM On-Time
AA2726 Dallas 03:06:00 PM On-Time
RV1804 Toronto 03:10:00 PM On-Time
UA1630 Houston 03:15:00 PM On-Time
VS65 London 03:30:00 PM On-Time
AA616 Charlotte 03:40:00 PM On-Time
JAF JAF306 Brussels 05:30:00 PM On-Time
JY604 Kingston 06:05:00 PM On-Time
AA1515 Miami 07:21:00 PM On-Time
DE2162 Holguin 07:30:00 PM On-Time
WG732 Toronto 08:05:00 PM On-Time

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