Airport Consumer Survey

Please use the survey below to provide us with a more detailed understanding of your experience at Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay.

1 = Lowest Rating, 5 = Highest Rating

What airline are you travelling with?
What is your final destination?
Are you connecting ? If yes, what gateway? Is this your first time travelling to Jamaica? If no, what encouraged you to return? If yes, what influenced your decesion to vacation in Jamaica? What was the highlight of your vacation? Before coming to the airport, were you aware of the shopping offered at the airport? Did you make a purchase at the airport? If a purchase was made at the airport, what did you buy? (skip to #13 if no purchase made) How much did you spend?
What influenced your spending at the airport? Were the prices what you expected? If no, why? If you did not make a purchase, why? Did you purchase souvenirs or duty free items prior to arriving at the airport? If yes, why? Is there anything you would have bought had you seen it? What can we do to improve your experience departing MBJ?